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Brighton Fringe 2019

2100: A Space Novelty

To boldly go where some people have gone before, but to do it really really well.

An Extraordinary Curiosity

Ceci n’est pas de deux


A sovereign production: one of Pretty Villain’s finest.

Betsy: Wisdom of a Brighton Whore

If you can, make this your last stop on the Fringe.

Black Peter

A must-see for anyone who values fine drama.

Bondage Queen Sings the Hits

If this territory appeals, Marsh’s is the show to head for.

Caliban’s Codex

a superbly realised piece, vying with Carding’s own outstanding Quintessence.

Camille O’Sullivan: Cave

A night of rocking guitars and melancholy piano, with an incredible voice throw in for good measure

Ceyda Tanc Youth Dance

“An inspirational and dynamic showcase of the next generation of dancers under the guidance of Brighton based, Ceyda Tanc”

Circus Extreme

An unplugged and unchained affirmation of the physical world.


An unmitigated yell for old-school feminism


A stinging look at modern love and betrayal.


The story of he leper priest of Moloka'i and patron saint of outcasts.

Dan Evans: 20%

Engaging comedy in the hands of a skilled performer

Dietrich: Natural Duty

Intimate, funny, moving - a brilliant one-(wo)man show!

Double Bill: Mother Figure, A Cut in the Rates

If you enjoy Ayckbourn, catch this in Edinburgh.


“An ambitious work, exploring the emotional complexities in relationships”

End Times: An Immersive Adventure

A Thought Provoking and Sagacious Escapade into an End of the World Immersive Experience

Fannytasticals Cum Again

Brighton's rude, raucous and highly entertaining female comedy group

Fix My Brain

A gag-packed storytelling sketch show about what happens when your brain won’t let you be happy

Forgotten Dialogue

A beautifully realised, genre-crossing show that stands out from the crowd

Four Thieves Vinegar

For the play and Sorcha Brooks particularly it’s a must-see.


A play everyone should see – and a first-rate revival.

Fruit Loop

Peerless Pearman

Further Education

A strong, committed production of a very fine comedy

Guru Dudu’s Silent Disco Walking Tours

A joyful Friday night wander/ dance off

Hello Who’s Calling

The Alford touch is worth a diversion for. Or a trunk call.

History Of Ireland

“A slick combination of politically driven theatre, dance and comedy with more than a touch of the Blarney…”


In all the flurry of Fringe, don’t miss this gem.

I’d Had Enough So I Killed Him

“A powerful and confrontational solo dance performance”


Fast paced Sci-Fi Farce

Intolerable Side Effects

You’d be hopping mad to miss this. It’s very bunny.

Jody Kamali is Mike Daly: Darts and All

Written and performed by Jody Kamali

Josh Berry: Voice Thief

Satirical impressions from a rising star

Kiki Mellék: Law of Attraction

Ooohoo Bibshkis! Hyper Queen Kiki Mellék's Brighton Fringe Debut!


“A fusion of the modern and the mythic, questioning our place in the modern world”

Lucy Hopkins: Secrt Circl

Ding dong the witch is bonkers

May I Speak About Dance?

“A playfully contemplative lecture performance, posing challenging questions about the language of contemporary dance.”


A week in the life of an underground mosquito

No Knowing

How many ensembles can boast of an Ayckbourn first outside Scarborough?

Oskar’s Amazing Adventures

Where is Oskar? A fun- filled children’s play at the Brighton Komedia.

Paradise Rocks

Elvis in Hawaii meets Milton's Paradise Lost

Paul Duncan McGarrity: A Practical Guide to Storming Castles

The most entertaining archaeologist since Indiana Jones


There’s a superb cliff-edge to this outstanding production.

Return to the Forbidden Planet

It’s a must-see. Whatever warp factors you have to go through.

Ross & Rachel

Don’t hesitate.


The imaginative force, language and unsettled serenity of this work demands a sustained run.

The Birth of Death

“A profoundly moving and disarmingly funny journey, looking at death and how we approach it…”

The Death Show

A gentle stroll into the valley of death

The Milkman’s On His Way

As a storytelling adaptation it couldn’t be bettered. Necessary and uplifting.

The Odditorium

An eclectic mix of strange and unusual entertainment

The Pride

Don’t wait for another West End revival see this one.

The Seven Ages of Mam

13.10 is a good lunchtime to watch a Mam’s legend in.

The Wasp

This is more than a first-rate revival. It’s outstanding. See it.

Those Magnificent Men

Find out what happens to these Magnificent Men; for they were, and are.


Written and performed by Jenny Rowe

Too Young to Stay In, Too Old to Go Out!

Nigel Osner delivers an audacious rendition into the vulnerable and egregious lives of those growing in years

WATCHING, ceci n’est pas de deux

A truly unforgettable experience.


“An emotional rollercoaster that is gripping from start to finish…a powerful piece of physical theatre.”

Witch Hunt

A hard-hitting comedy of superior witchiness