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Brighton Fringe 2015

2095: A Mind Odyssey

An entertaining journey into a dystopian future

7 Veils: An Evening with Mata Hari

A true and accurate account of the life and times of the greatest female spy of the century.

A Fresh Start (for Peter Russo)

" live music is played with passion"

Alexis Dubus: Cars And Girls

At a crossroads in your life? Take directions from this man ..

All The Nice Girls

"the raw materials to be utterly delightful and memorable"

An Audience with Henry VIII

"Strong and commanding one-man performance "

Animal Farm

A powerful presentation with mature performances from a team of young actors


The central character in James Joyce's 'Ulysses' must write his own story ...


1850s Paris - Opera Bouffe, with music by Offenbach, Donizetti and Martini


"impressive comedy. "

Camille O’Sullivan

The sexy, sultry Camille woos Brighton yet again

Changing Partners

" ...a story worth witnessing, delivered by a cast well worth watching."

Edith, Elizabeth and I

Inspired by the life and works of Edith Sitwell


"fresh, funny and fun"

Faulty Towers The Dining Experience

"we could go back and see it again, and laugh just as hard"

Frank Sent Me

" Funny, moving, disturbing and enthralling"

Greywing House

Gothic tales of loss, loneliness and decay - with quite a few laughs

Hard Graft

We are all part of families, with ancestors stretching back generations - giving us our identity

How to be Fat

"an important show to see"

How Will I Know?

What are you prepared to do to get a Green Card?


Vampires bleeding the nation dry -visual, visceral, frightening and witty

I Am Not Antigone

Sophocles' play redone as a multimedia tragedy.

I need a Doctor: The Whosical

James Wilson-Taylor and Jessica Spray make a formidable team, creating between them a high paced breathless performance of a spoof-parody-musical-comedy-satirical-fan fiction-fringy-theatrical delight.


"entertaining, funny and fun."

Larry by Mark Burgess

"a solid script"

Le Foulard/Le Full Art

"she is an outstanding performer "

Les Femmes Circus

"You'll come out smiling and wanting more."

Lost in Transit

Fusion of theatre, circus and cabaret in a Kafkaesque world of lost luggage


M.A.I.R.O.U.L.A. is an acronym. It may also be a woman's name.

Made in Cumbria

"The sketches are very funny"


"Theatre and dance that hurls custard pies at convention"

Mr Merrick, The Elephant Man

"a shockingly direct encounter with Merrick"

Mrs Shakespeare

A high-energy, high-intensity one-person show with lots of laughs

PAND 7090

Unreviewable. Unmissable. Highly recommended.

Paul Zenon in Linking Rings

" a deeply authentic beautifully written, layered, and accessibly delivered hour"

Payne Killer

Grand Guignol horror holds your attention, mainly at knifepoint.

Point and Shoot

"highly talented musicians"


A raucous, hilarious celebration of sisterhood

Pulling Up The Drawbridge

It's up to George to defend his castle ...

Puss in Boots

"a lovingy crafted, unashamedly panto-style children's show"


The final, dark hours of Monroe and Miller with power and chemistry

Shit-faced Shakespeare

A slick show with strong performances and impressive improvised interventions

Shit-faced Showtime

A fun new shit-faced format with peaks and troughs

Signor Baffo’s Restaurant

Entertaining, accessible and fun for the kids

Small World & Charm el Sheikh

Two plays where nothing is as it seems.

Stalin’s Daughter

Stalin's daughter has escaped to the West. But has she really broken free?

The Bombing of the Grand Hotel

The astonishing relationship between Pat Magee and Jo Berry.

The Butterfly Catcher

"work that stands beside the professionals with ease"

The Common Land

The story of a young troubled man

The Daily Tribunal

A kaleidoscopic trip into the world of the homeless.

The Hundred Watt Club

Charismatic cabaret stuffed full of acts that you'll want to seek out elsewhere ..

The Kagools

Hilarity - to the macs ..

The Marie Curie Project

The life and work of Marie Curie - as a musical comedy

The Mermaid’s Tale

Charming and gentle stories and poetry

The Reincarnation of Trim Tab Jim

"an unmissable fringe show"

The Rose of Jericho

An ex-soldier tells his story in a compelling one man show

The Twelfth Disciple

Judas ... A betrayer - or the best of the apostles?

The Wedding Reception

This is a warm and inviting combination of live comedy interactive performance and a delicious dinner - a great night to plan with friends or to even make some new ones

Thirst Of The Salt Mountain

A raw new staging of one of the 20th century's most surreal plays

Twonkey’s Stinking Bishop

"A madcap genre unto himself"

Vlad the Impaler

" bold, fun, funny, disturbing, witty"

We Can Make you Happy

Superb musical comedy that will make you happy.


Kathleen awaits the arrival of the man she gave up for adoption thirty years before.