Brighton Fringe

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Brighton Fringe 2010


Exciting interactive theatre that takes it back to basics

A Ship of Fools

Heartful and beautiful

A Swim Through Time

An original and impressive theatrical display from the Brighton Swimming Club

A View from the Bridge

Great attention and energy

After Party

"strong direction and evocative piece "

All that I was/All that I am

A gentle and charming bitter sweet comedy about Sid Lester, a tap-dancing, ex-Vaudevillian performer

An Audience With Adrienne

A touching and unusual performance in a kitsch living room

As You Like It

"Shakespeare’s classic comedy is fun and vibrant...It has all the right ingredients"

Bane: Part Two

"a very enjoyable and original piece of work"

Barbe Bleu

Bluebeard's story is given a daring new twist

Barry Cryer and Ronnie Golden

Musical wit so sharp it’s almost in a different key.

Bite Sized Echoes of Brighton

An enjoyable show with fascinating local insight


"...a jubilant, life affirming show that should not be missed"

Clever Peter

A Masterclass in original sketch comedy

Crimes Against Humanities Teachers

Thomas hits the comedy spot in a touching look at teaching and life


A different cabaret show that gives you a glimpse into the secret world of a cabaret star

Ferry of Fools

Comedy double-act play

Fire Tusk Pain Proof Circus

Chainsaws, Fire and hammering nails into soft places ...

Five Clever Courtesans

An exciting production with top quality performances

Fridays, When it Rains

A very impressive and thrilling-chilling piece

Hannah, an Artist in Dirt

Sizzling and intimate portrayal of master/servant love.

Hedwig and The Angry Inch

A sizzling production of this classic camp extravaganza

Here Comes the Bride

A heartwarming, outstanding musical

Hilaire Belloc’s ‘The Four Men’

A charming theatrical version of a trip through the Sussex countryside

I Found My Horn

Heartwarming and endearing


The classic Greek myth is given a new dynamic reworking that is not to be missed.

Intimate Histories

Wonderful, imaginative and too short!

Jesus – The Guantanamo Years

An intelligent & irreverent romp through a little-known episode in the life of Jesus


A one woman show that is good fun to watch.

Katy and Rach

Improvised comedy from two accomplished performers

Lady Garden

Energetic, versatile comedy from a confident young ensemble


A promising, well crafted piece


An intense one man show with pub culture at the heart of it.


A good storyline and sensitively handles the subject matter well.

Miss Hope Springs

A stellar portrayal of a jaded, fading star

My Arm

A brilliantly performed, engaging and poignant story of an unusual life.

My Second Life

A pleasant and uncomplicated show about the Internet and relationships

No.9 Bus to Utopia

One man’s year long search for a utopian paradise

Nobody’s Home

Inventive, surprisingly funny, visceral and moving.


A flawed, yet compelling production

Paul Zenon’s Cabinet of Curiosities

Reminisces with melodies, monologues and magic.


A gem of a show

Radio City Theatre

Enjoyable pastiche of film noir

Robot Lion Tour

“German” musical parody duo.

Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppet Theatre

High octane sock-based comedy duo

Slanted Views

An impressive collaboration that deserves a wider audience

Steal Compass, Drive North, Disappear

An exceptional physical character piece: touching, fascinating, simply brilliant.

Tales from the Coffee House

Refreshing Cafe theatre

The Alpha Project

Part show, part psychological assessment - a thought provoking experience for 2 people.

The Baltimore Waltz

Haunting account of a journey not taken.

The Big Bite-Size Brunch

Highly recommended

The Big Bite-Size Tea Party

More vibrant and challenging plays that will appeal to everyone’s taste on a lazy Sunday afternoon

The Biscuit Chronicles

A highly enjoyable and funny journey through food, fatness and dieting

The Breakfast Club

An impressive recreation of this cult classic, in a perfectly-matched setting

The Fantastic Reality of Frederick Goodge

"highly entertaining and somewhat surreal"

The Iliad

Homer’s epic poem given a brand new lease of life

The Insect Circus

A feast of fun, from worms to wasps for all the family

The Jumble Book

Touching, revealing and humorous

The Old Man and The Sea

Ernest Hemmingway’s classic tale spellbinding to watch!

The Pink Sinatra

Sinatra imaginatively re-styled

The Secret Garden

Rich, evocative theatre that engages children and adults alike.

The Three Englishmen

"quick witted and often hilarious"

The Trials of Galileo

A powerful and cerebral one-man study of truth

The Trials of Harvey Matusow

One of the highlights of my Fringe

Three Works

The naked truth about loneliness.

Tina C’s Election Playlist

A sassy and vibrant take on the current political and economic climate from Tina C!


A taut, gripping production of a timely revival

When All The Crowds Have Gone

A sensitive, moving and extremely challenging piece of theatre that draws you in.

Xtreme Circumstances

Vibrant physical story-telling at its finest.