Review: Granny Smith’s

A lovely entrée to the bilingualism of French and English delivered in mask by a woman who knows and who entertains.

Review: The Twits

A summer must-see to charge you up for the autumn, and taking on the real twits ahead.

Review: Du Iz Tak?

An adaptation of Carson Ellis's popular children's book

Review: The Donkey and the Rooster

An online story for young people that has all the elements of a classic experience that delights, informs and entertains in equal measure.

Review: Craig

Imagination rules when you need to find a creative solution – with an orange!

Review: Magic Gareth

A wonderful children’s half hour of magic and a big personality that is a delightfully child friendly experience

Review: Beauty and the Beast

Nothing so convincing has been done with this legend. It deserves many revivals.

Review: Treasure Island

First-rate theatre. In Joshua James’ Ben Gunn and above all Pasy Ferran’s Jim, we see stars rising quicker than Arthur Darvill’s superb Silver can point them out.

Review: Zog

This dragon's on fire

Review: A Christmas Carol

The most original, potent and uplifting Christmas Carol I’ve ever seen

Review: Doodle Pop

Magical visual storytelling with music, humor, mime, movement and innovative creativity

Review: Celeste’s Circus

A quant and lovely trip to the circus for little ones that take big ones along for the ride

Review: I’ll take you to Mrs Cole

A wonderful family show, adapted from the book of the same name, and I guarantee you will be singing the theme song under your breath for days.

Review: Moonbird

A sweet gentle show about encouraging difference for Deaf and hearing children, and older family members too

Review: The Isle of Brimsker

Enchanting experience for those with multiple challenges which uses the full range of sensory experiences to great effect.

Review: Grimm’s Tales

An exuberant Christmas production, and a miracle of compression, blocking, set-design and ensemble acting skills.

Review: Madagascar The Musical

Highly Recommended for monkeys and lemurs of all ages – quite apart from lions, zebras, hippos and giraffes.

Review: Penguinpig

Charming, attractive, well thought out puppetry show set to lovely music, that will appeal to young children and accompanying grown ups!

Review: Woogie Boogie

Creative, imaginative, inventive and fun family show!

Review: Chores

The theatre turns into a messy children's room, toilet papers and toys scattered everywhere!

Review: Arr We There Yet?

A Madcap Mashup of Circus and Storytelling with a Little Tango for Extra Spice

Review: The Looker

A show about freedom. Funny, subversive, deeply philosophical - and beautiful.

Review: Bear North

Do come if you want charm, unpredictable choruses and weather. And where else can you see a dancing bear not even brushed backwards in the making of this show?

Review: Random Selfies

This is sweet, fleet story-telling with just the right amount of pitch and yaw for anyone to take, without it becoming too dark or didactic. Ten-year-old Lola’s engaging, and in Natalia Hinds’ hands utterly believable, energetically inhabited with a sense of fun clearly relished by this revelatory actor.

Review: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Any first-time play-goer should have this etched as a memory forever. It can’t be anything other than outstanding. Enjoy as an early Christmas gift to yourselves.

Review: Rocket Post

Children’s theatre, brought to the young with inventiveness, colour and panache.

Review: AnimAlphabet the Musical

Musical for 3-11-year-olds with excellent songs, strong performers and some eyebrow-raising choices

Review: Heartwood

A family tale that has a heart of gold rather than wood but plenty of mileage to get through which will soften yours.

Review: Jason and the Argonauts

An impressive modern take on the legend of Jason and the Golden Fleece with contemporary power and focus.

Review: Creepy Macbeth

Inventively staged version of the Scottish play.

Review: Ways to Shine

Children’s piece which unites day and night to show how cooperation should be the cornerstone of diversity

Review: Wonderland

The ingredients are there: it’s a magical idea, and just needs a quieter rationale and – to make it a great show - a few more memorable numbers. But if you care for musicals, see it for an outstanding clutch of performers and a dream of something perennial.

Review: Christopher Nibble.

"The Guinea pigs of Dandeville are munching the poor over-stretched dandelion population out of existence and heading for eco-disaster!!

Review: Seeing Stars

Here’s Tycho Brahe to lead us by his gold nose. You can never start star-gazing too young; this Rust and Stardust production is a dazzling place to start. Enchanting, informative and exhilarating in equal measure; Conlon and Sommers’ singing sets a magical seal on this star-breaking look at the universe.

Review: The Wizard of Oz

It beggars belief that on one tiny stage we can be subjected to so many scene stages so expertly handled, so many backdrops and scenery shifts, not to mention a cast of twenty-two who can all sing. This production is good enough for a larger professional stage. If you get a chance, ask for a ticket or return.

Review: Tiger in Blossom

A delightful Korean fairy tale for children that is as wonderful as it is beautifully played out

Review: The Forest

An impeccable time in a magical forest where all is experienced by all who enter

Review: Children Are Stinky

Never mind the kids! Jaw-dropping circus trick tease that had the adults crying for more.

Review: Molly Whuppie

An engaging hour or so in the company of masters in Scottish storytelling for children

Review: Opera Mouse

Opera through the eyes of a mercurial and very determined mouse.

Review: The Cat In The Hat

Standard yet enthusiastic fare of Thing One, Thing Two and a day out the rain

Review: Braveheart

Thoroughbred Story - Must-see Theatre for 5-12s

Review: Pinocchio

Join Bard & Troubadour on a truly magical journary for all ages, as Pinocchio faces scoundrels, set-backs and sea monsters on his quest to become a real boy, in this loving recreation of the classic Italian fairy tale.

Review: Comedy Club 4 Kids

Funny, warm and accessible comedy stand up for children and their parents.

Review: Persona

Clean focused reading by Bexelei Theatre's young talent of Jon Barton's new play on trolling