Review: You’ll See

Delightfully inventive mini version of Ulysses for mini-people

Review: Oliver!

You’re not going to see anything this special in most (if any) revivals, however luxury-cast. In stripping-back, then regrowing a complete ensemble with even lesser songs, this is the most complete Oliver! we’re likely to see.

Review: Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol

Tiny Tim’s Christmas Carol triumphs as easily the best junior take on this classic I’ve ever seen.

Review: Tom’s Midnight Garden

An absolutely first-rate ensemble and they tell the story with all the wide-eyed wonder of a real enchantment, beyond Christmas, beyond, perhaps time. A gem.

Review: Refilwe

At just 45 minutes, a delightfully adapted fairy-tale, adapted in its turn. Bisola Aalbi’s rewrite is a lively, timely take on a silent culture war to make people of all ages think again.

Review: Family Portrait

A fascinating and beautifully imagined film showing us the value of family, no matter what form.

Review: Bumble’s Big Adventure

A worthy attempt at addressing the environmental impact around us and trying to teach the youngest about the natural world.

Review: The Twits

An entertaining morning in the company of an enthusiastic Youth Theatre.

Review: La Petite Gerda

Imaginative retelling of Snow Queen story with beautifully sung songs, excellent acting and creative storytelling.

Review: Brotipo

Two endearing clowns, hand-to-hand balance acts, very entertaining!

Review: Wee Seals and Selkies

A beautiful wee family show that manages to combine gentility with the warmth of good stories really well told.

Review: Whipped Up!

A morning for baby and care giver that is a delicious treat.

Review: Green Fingers

Delightful, fun, musical stories with puppetry about being different.

Review: The Sewage

Two brothers, a lost goldfish, and a world of grotesque creatures ...

Review: James and the Giant Peach

With memorable music and ensemble singing added to a first-rate BLT production, there’s no better Christmas show in town.

Review: Fruit Flies Like a Banana

No banana could fly as fast as these three virtuoso performers in this must see show as they combine virtuoso musicianship with acrobatics and dance

Review: Around the World with Nellie Bly

An intrepid 19th century traveller in the hands of a first class 20th century story teller. A perfect reminder than adventures aren’t just for boys!

Review: A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings

Imaginative production of a magical realism story with intrigue, drama and subtle humour that people of all ages can enjoy together.

Review: Mary, Chris, Mars

Imaginative - and will appeal to families with an interest in space, astronauts and object/shadow puppetry.

Review: Granny Smith’s

A lovely entrée to the bilingualism of French and English delivered in mask by a woman who knows and who entertains.

Review: The Twits

A summer must-see to charge you up for the autumn, and taking on the real twits ahead.

Review: Du Iz Tak?

An adaptation of Carson Ellis's popular children's book

Review: The Donkey and the Rooster

An online story for young people that has all the elements of a classic experience that delights, informs and entertains in equal measure.

Review: Craig

Imagination rules when you need to find a creative solution – with an orange!

Review: Magic Gareth

A wonderful children’s half hour of magic and a big personality that is a delightfully child friendly experience

Review: Beauty and the Beast

Nothing so convincing has been done with this legend. It deserves many revivals.

Review: Treasure Island

First-rate theatre. In Joshua James’ Ben Gunn and above all Pasy Ferran’s Jim, we see stars rising quicker than Arthur Darvill’s superb Silver can point them out.

Review: Zog

This dragon's on fire

Review: A Christmas Carol

The most original, potent and uplifting Christmas Carol I’ve ever seen

Review: Doodle Pop

Magical visual storytelling with music, humor, mime, movement and innovative creativity

Review: Celeste’s Circus

A quant and lovely trip to the circus for little ones that take big ones along for the ride

Review: I’ll take you to Mrs Cole

A wonderful family show, adapted from the book of the same name, and I guarantee you will be singing the theme song under your breath for days.

Review: Moonbird

A sweet gentle show about encouraging difference for Deaf and hearing children, and older family members too

Review: The Isle of Brimsker

Enchanting experience for those with multiple challenges which uses the full range of sensory experiences to great effect.

Review: Grimm’s Tales

An exuberant Christmas production, and a miracle of compression, blocking, set-design and ensemble acting skills.

Review: Madagascar The Musical

Highly Recommended for monkeys and lemurs of all ages – quite apart from lions, zebras, hippos and giraffes.

Review: Penguinpig

Charming, attractive, well thought out puppetry show set to lovely music, that will appeal to young children and accompanying grown ups!

Review: Woogie Boogie

Creative, imaginative, inventive and fun family show!

Review: Chores

The theatre turns into a messy children's room, toilet papers and toys scattered everywhere!

Review: Arr We There Yet?

A Madcap Mashup of Circus and Storytelling with a Little Tango for Extra Spice

Review: The Looker

A show about freedom. Funny, subversive, deeply philosophical - and beautiful.

Review: Bear North

Do come if you want charm, unpredictable choruses and weather. And where else can you see a dancing bear not even brushed backwards in the making of this show?

Review: Random Selfies

This is sweet, fleet story-telling with just the right amount of pitch and yaw for anyone to take, without it becoming too dark or didactic. Ten-year-old Lola’s engaging, and in Natalia Hinds’ hands utterly believable, energetically inhabited with a sense of fun clearly relished by this revelatory actor.

Review: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Any first-time play-goer should have this etched as a memory forever. It can’t be anything other than outstanding. Enjoy as an early Christmas gift to yourselves.

Review: Rocket Post

Children’s theatre, brought to the young with inventiveness, colour and panache.

Review: AnimAlphabet the Musical

Musical for 3-11-year-olds with excellent songs, strong performers and some eyebrow-raising choices