Review: Narcissist in the Mirror

Razor sharp writing and performance. If you’re going to see one play about millenial anx, see this one.

Review: DUPed

Solo exploration and expose of the worst of the DUP in a relaxed performance style that draws you in and makes you truly think.

Review: Achilles

Fusing dance, physical theatre, prose, and raw, dynamic acting Ewan Downie breathes new life into the ages old tale.

Review: A Christmas Carol

"I urge you to go and rediscover something you thought you knew all too well, and join the standing ovation at the end."

Review: HUFF

A gut-wrenching tale of Indigenous brothers caught in a torrent of solvent abuse in the wake of the death of their mother.

Review: bloominauschwitz

A riff on James Joyce’s Ulysses exploring Bloom’s Jewish heritage as he time travels through the 20th century.

Review: In Loyal Company

A Traumatic But Necessary Reminder Of The Heroes The War Leaves Behind

Review: Canoe

Well crafted, performed and directed, spirited, polished, entertaining and moving show!

Review: The Unknown Soldier

A poignant reminder of the aftermath of war and the unsung heroes it leaves behind.

Review: Status

Bold exploration of the idea of nationality

Review: There But For the Grace of God (Go I)

A rare instance of an actor knowing exactly how to direct himself. It’s a super-Fringe show well worth reviving, and Welsh clearly puts his life into it.

Review: The Word

A released criminal confronts his pastor

Review: Gun

One-man homage to classic westerns delivered at a break-neck speed.

Review: She Wolf

So what did Harvey Weinstein and the fifteenth century European ruling classes have in common? Exactly. A lot. English has achieved a phenomenal amount. She co-ordinates everything as she directs and manages her own minimal props.

Review: Pigspurt’s Daughter

Guardian obituary, 2008. ‘Ken Campbell was one of the most original and unclassifiable talents in British theatre of the past half-century.’ It just happens that his daughter Daisy is both that and far more. She’s one of the most cunning crafters of comedy and storytelling in the anti-business

Review: Caitlin

H​ighly charged, hugely energized and utterly committed

Review: Amanda Palmer

A cabaret style evening of piano and ukulele driven songs and stand-up comedy

Review: No Oddjob

Nothing Odd About This Fine Job

Review: Bunny

Intense revival of a solo performance that continues to be visceral and surprising

Review: This Restless State

If it comes near you – visit the website – do try and see this pungently-paced meditation on upheaval. This Restless State breathes across its zones as a play with real potential that simply needs a little more daring, a little less peeling back.

Review: Large Trash Print

This very fine 2007 work by Jonathan Brown strikes a blow for tolerance and inclusivity now as it did a decade ago. Brown’s superlative writing and acting is ridiculously confined to this city.

Review: In Memory of Leaves

On a moored barge Natasha Langridge re-enacts her own In Memory of Leaves updated from a run last year to include this year’s tumultuous events. This is a fine, necessary work inevitably in progress. Let it settle in the water a bit more, and glitter.

Review: Wandering Bones

The true tale of an unpleasant 19th century Lothario and the murder of his unwitting wife.

Review: Wondr

Snappy writing and brilliant solo performance on the theme of digital technology

Review: LadyFace

A character comedy carousel from chameleon woman-host LadyFace, AKA Lucy Farrett

Review: Prison Psychologist

A dark, intense and intimate story of love and tragedy. Worth getting up early for...

Review: Lemonade

An exuberant exploration of female exploitation in Hollywood

Review: Dust

Be careful what you wish for… an unflinching examination of suicide

Review: Frankie Vah

Moving, fast paced and riveting - a cautionary tale of pride and fall.

Review: Bump

Meet Lily as she confronts her choices in the waiting room of an abortion clinic

Review: Replay

Absorbing and masterful storytelling; a poignant coming to terms with loss

Review: Stegosaurus

Powerful insights into the world of eating disorders

Review: Awake

Deft and fluid storytelling. Well worth seeking out.

Review: The Science of Cringe

Picture a Venn diagram where behavioural science, character comedy and storytelling are intersecting the hell out of each other.

Review: Knock, Knock

Niv Petel’s physical solo uses a unique point of view to draw back the thick curtain of politics in the Middle East.

Review: Mental

Brave, honest autobiographical piece about mental health

Review: Shell Shock

And astounding performance in both a measured and frantic performance that brings PTSD from Tommy's living room into your conscience.

Review: Cacophony

Energetic, bold, entertaining and fun!

Review: Show Up

"Improvised Comedy at its very best"

Review: The House

Enter the unique world of Jane’s dark comedy characters – five characters who are once again inspired by her roots in The Lakes

Review: Pike St.

Vulnerable and triumphant: theatre at its very heart

Review: Yvette

Powerful one woman show, with strong writing.

Review: The Time Machine

An excellently executed journey into the future

Review: Souvenir

Uproarious “kamikaze cabaret” history of Brighton Theatre Royal told through song and amusing anecdotes.

Review: High Rise

Self-made man shares the secret of his excess.

Review: Easy Targets

One-person shows are another person's poison.

Review: Wacht!

A Dutch museum attendant says nothing during a twenty minute performance - and it speaks volumes.

Review: Wife

A one woman show following wives through history, art and legend