Review: Rebel Boob

Based on interviews with women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer.

Review: Romantics

As ever consummate, fine performances, and probing memorably into women Romantic poets

Review: Just Like Giving Blood

Upton’s notches of logic are nudged with brilliance, the actual narrative a granular run-up to an enormous yes.

Review: Rebel Boob

What happens when your life as you know it stops, and then starts again.

Review: Identity

Thrilling and inventive, pulsing with creativity and ability

Review: Drone

An affecting and challenging experience of the Trans world within our communities mixed with a fascinating back track and technology mixed right in front of our eyes.

Review: Deer Woman

A rightfully angry production that gives voice to a story that needs to be more widely heard

Review: Umbrella Man

Start your Fringe day with a bang in the hands of a very talented poet and storyteller

Review: Suffering from Scottishness

Citizen Scotland’s Joseph McDaid takes us through a funny, engaging and erudite consultation on what it is like to be Scottish, for the non Scots who might want to be Scots.

Review: Sullied

“A brave, empowering and explosive blend of dance and spoken word…”

Review: Ane City

A poetic tale of drugs, alcohol, and adolescent angst in Dundee, Scotland

Review: #Hypocrisy

A Poetic, Personal Reflection on White Privilege, Terrorism and Instagram Activism

Review: Enough

A violent attack on the social norms which drive self-harm in its many and varied forms.

Review: Gie’s Peace

Inspiring Stories of Courageous Women - An Exploration of War Through Storytelling and Music

Review: Kosher Bacon

Tapas from the kosher kitchen

Review: Wandering Bones

The true tale of an unpleasant 19th century Lothario and the murder of his unwitting wife.

Review: Wondr

Snappy writing and brilliant solo performance on the theme of digital technology

Review: Know Brexit

A reminder that divorce is never straightforward. Or cheap.

Review: Raising Lazarus

A thought provoking and original show that is both funny and hard hitting

Review: The Magnetic Diaries

An intelligent and challenging poetic narrative exploring modern day female depression.

Review: Child’s Play

An intelligently argued, entertaining defence of a much-maligned generation

Review: Tongue Fu

Amy Leon gives a masterclass in performance poetry

Review: Knowing EU

Straight talking about the EU the UK has opted to leave

Review: Stunning The Punters

Arguably, no single person in English theatre has a better understanding and presents a fuller expression of physical theatre than George Dillon. His vocal range is phenomenal whilst his physical presence is captivating. Superlatives become redundant.

Review: Haim: In the Light of a Violin

Mesmerising, heart-rending concert-cum-narration of a child’s journey through violin lessons to auditioning in Auschwitz, and beyond as told through his eyes.

Review: Hercules

"the entirely imaginary visuals he creates are amazing."

Review: Loud Poets

Bold, loud, passionate and engaging – poetry for the masses with a wonderful energy

Review: Show Your Hope

Fascinating, charming storytelling about travels and art

Review: Bayou Blues

An enchanting one woman show that takes us down to the bayou of New Orleans.

Review: Paroxysm Press – Pleasure And Pain Showcase

Bringing the boldest stories and poetry many publishers haven’t the courage to put into print and giving them an open mic to say it out loud.

Review: Mr Stuart’s Distant Range

A fascinating glimpse into the journals of Stuart the explorer, reflected onto today’s political panorama

Review: Anthem for a Doomed Youth

An absorbing and moving hour of First World War poetry delivered by a master of the solo stage

Review: Man Up, Jonny Fluffypunk

A heart-warming discourse on fatherhood, with poems, history, music and socks