Review: N.Ormes

Enthralling emotive exchange of physical strength, equity and friendship. .

Review: Brotipo

Two endearing clowns, hand-to-hand balance acts, very entertaining!

Review: LULU

Where's Lulu? Tricks and treats - A great combination of mime and acrobatics!

Review: The Chosen Haram

A masterful fusion of circus, dance and visual storytelling, delivering a profoundly modern queer tale.

Review: Runners

Thrilling, original circus concept, music and choreography, highly skilled acrobatics and dance.

Review: Rebel

You may not know where you are going, but they promise it won’t be boring… and they deliver

Review: Heroes

Intense story, excellent acrobatics, imaginative visuals.

Review: Kin

Joyous and exhilarating circus/physical theater- exciting intersection of professional gymnastic skill and acting in a production about competition and group dynamics

Review: Circus Abyssinia: Tulu

Vibrant music, excellent acrobatic skills, fast paced with colourful lights and costumes!

Review: The Black Blues Brothers

An explosion of joy with the music of The Blues Brothers as a backdrop and unremitting physical wonderment as an entertaining treat.

Review: Collision

Thrilling and inventive circus with hip hop which is fast paced and leads to a thoroughly entertaining romp

Review: Soothe

A physical exploration of the effects of adrenaline, dopamine and oxytocin.

Review: OD’D

Highly skilled and theatrical solo acrobatics with balls, silks and centrifugal force- a mesmerizing performance from Finland.

Review: Grin

A fantastic piece of collaboration which is as energetic as it is creative and challenging.

Review: Bromance

A physically impressive look at male relationships that depend upon being friends but has depth beyond just being pals

Review: Heroes

A highly skilled physical exploration of the theme of heroes and their impact upon us

Review: Circus Extreme

An unplugged and unchained affirmation of the physical world.

Review: The Artist

Entertaining, creative, theatrical, very well performed!

Review: Cirque Beserk!

Circus transforms to theatre with an impressive cast in an energetic presentation.

Review: SHIFT

Banded together, these performers really stretch the possibilities of the modern circus show.

Review: My Land

Breath taking circus skill and performance that tells a story whilst keeping you on the edge of your seat and with your heart in your mouth.

Review: Casting Off

Three generations of women 'Cast Off' all stereotypes of what they can, should and be able to do.

Review: Arr We There Yet?

A Madcap Mashup of Circus and Storytelling with a Little Tango for Extra Spice

Review: The Exploded Circus

A skilful and sensory mix of acrobatics, aerial feats and juggling, encapsulated in a story about finding order after chaos

Review: Fauna

A must see show for anyone fascinated by movement, music and the human body.

Review: Kin

Well performed and highly skilled, Kin is a wonderfully entertaining, and theatrical show that draws you in immediately.

Review: Cirkopolis

Highly skilled entertainment. Lyrical, dramatic, beautiful, spirited, exciting and intriguing!

Review: Batacchio

Elegant, imaginative and very entertaining - with deliciously quirky moments!

Review: Drawing Circus

"Come sketch as models in circus costume are frozen mid-act for your drawing delight"

Review: Tina C’s President -C

Witty, wonderful and warming politics meets drag queen meets country a tent on an intersection.

Review: Children Are Stinky

Never mind the kids! Jaw-dropping circus trick tease that had the adults crying for more.

Review: Bird

Visually beautiful, enjoyable, sensitively performed!

Review: The Hogwallups

Inventive and entertaining theatrical circus skills!

Review: Smoke and Mirrors

Smoke and Mirrors is a must see. An exquisitely conceived, ultra contemporary blend of circus and dance, it's a wake up call, an intensely radical act.

Review: Papillon

Song, circus, comedy all masterfully mixed.

Review: Bromance

A high energy circus show exploring brotherhood

Review: Borderlands

Meditative and mysterious performance set in the beautiful grounds of Dryburgh abbey

Review: Hitch

"Good Evening. Consider, if you will, a group of scoundrels and vagabonds who like to play with rope .."

Review: Limbo

A sensational performance of music, dance, and incredible circus acts.

Review: BLAM!

It's true: working 9 to 5 ain't no way to make a living. Try this instead ..

Review: Les Femmes Circus

"You'll come out smiling and wanting more."

Review: Elixir

"fresh, funny and fun"

Review: Smashed

Juggling, juggling and more juggling – it’s quite a scene!

Review: Left

This game can be played anywhere at anytime. Variations of the game include…

Review: Tales of a Strongman

Circus acts, strength, comedy, romance and a big dose of fun!

Review: Leo

In a world that becomes physically disturbed, there’s something for everyone!

Review: Illuminate

Lighting up the tent with talent, muscles and smiles

Review: Pants Down Circus Rock

Rock and rolling through the hits – and swinging, spinning and throwing

Review: A Simple Space

Human parkour and competitive acrobatics

Review: Luminous

Cirque de UV - stories of discovery told through juggling, acrobatics and extraordinary body painting

Review: Pss Pss

Outstanding clown, funny and touching

Review: Circus Incognitus

A one-man physical comedy genius

Review: Beyond

A circus spectacle not to be missed.

Review: Trash Test Dummies

A slapsticky good time.

Review: Papillon

A dustbowl flavoured, jazz-soaked, circusy festival of fun.

Review: Bianco

Run away with your dreams for a night - a spectacular show

Review: Circa: Wunderkammer

"it’s a cut above those that you’ll see at most cabaret shows"