Twenty to see at Caravanserai

Caravanserai is the Fringe’s community hub, with theatre spaces, bars, eateries and places for families to safely hang out. There’s a stage called Fringe City for shows to showcase a flavour of their work. And it’s all (or mostly) built from bits of old caravans (and a lot more) into a living work of art […]

They’ve ignored my press release! Whether you are bringing a show to a Fringe festival or simply trying to get media coverage for a show at any time of the year, these tips are for you. There could be a number of reasons why your press has been not responded to by potential reviewing publications. […]

Venue Focus at Brighton Fringe: Sweet Venues

Sweet Venues at Brighton Fringe has become established at a true fringe venue year-round at the Poets in Hove. During the Fringe you can also find them at the truly intimate Sweet at the Welly. Offering some real variety covering theatre, comedy and a lot more, we offer some of our choices for you to […]

Our first must see cabaret theatre choice at the Latest Music Bar is Queen Mab: The Witching Hour. “Queen Mab is irreverent yet commanding, escapist, ethereal, alluring, slightly unhinged… Fun, but with an undeniable darker streak. She conjures a heady witches’ brew of wildly eclectic influences – a pinch of trip-hop here, a dash of […]

Venue Focus at Brighton Fringe: The Actors

Formerly The Marlborough Theatre, The Actors is the new name for what is emerging as an important and exciting theatre and performance hub in Brighton. I say “hub” because they have developed more than just their original theatre space so you can enjoy the intimacy of the Back Bar and the Light Room and you […]

The Lantern Theatre is based at Brighton’s much valued Academy of Creative Training, a drama school founded by Daniel Finlay and Jeanette Eddisford. Recent developments at the space have resulted in an upgraded, intimate theatre space as well as the new Finlay Bar, named after patron Frank Finlay. We are delighted to see a diverse […]

Improvised comedy and theatre at Brighton Fringe.

Most “improv” is quintessentially fringe, WHy is that? Probably because unscripted live performance has always been a reaction to the mainstram of “scripted” performance. With no lines to learn we are already on (and even falling over) the edge. Some improv is right on that edge whilst some is a bit scripted, haging on formats […]

Exploring Mental health at Brighton Fringe

Mental Health has always been a critical issue that artists have explored at Fringe festivals. In the ’90s. theatre and movement based work examined issues that were being increaingly written about in the mainstram media such as suice and depression. In recent years the diversity of art and performance is rightly being centre-staged in Fringe […]

Local educational arts company Ensonglopedia will be launching their new show ‘The Puddle at the End of the World’ at this year’s Brighton Fringe. The story follows a 13-year-old girl and her Nanna as they escape their home after flooding; they need the audience’s help to find somewhere to sleep and figure out why the […]

‘Would You Still Love Me if I was a Wiggly Worm?’ The Important Questions We WantAnswered in the New Feminist Comedy Musical. OnTheNose Productions presents their debut show 60 Minutes of Mood Swings atBrighton Fringe; “a hilarious yet harrowing feminist musical that explores the performers’insecurities, imperfections, and ’constructive feedback’ from men. As they comedically putthemselves […]

Family and Children’s Shows at Brighton Fringe

Fringe offers the perfect break from digital screen time and this year’s fringe, as ever, covers the age range from toddlers to teens. With plenty of coihce here are a few recommendations from your good fringe guide. Check dates as manyt only play for a few days and blink and you’ll miss them. I want […]

Brighton Fringe: Real Fringe Venues

Perhaps more than ever this year, the fringe venues on the true Fringe of Brighton Fringe beckon. With Caravanserai and the Brighton Spiegeltent offering to fill the central spaces of those larrger fringe hibs that form the default of Fringes as far afield as Edinburgh and Adelaide2, there have always been venues that could lay […]

OPINION: Unfussy Curtain Calls

Get the **** off stage!   Here is a bit of as personal and despesarte plea to theatre makers at this year’s Brighton Fringe… So, the lights fade slowly and we are ready for a fairly silent, dare I suggest, stunned exit. Before even five seconds have elapsed since the final blackout, the lights shoot […]

I want to see … some history at Brighton Fringe

I want to see… some history at Brighton Fringe 2023 Those of you interested in history, from most points on the timeline if posterity have plenty of choice at this year’s Fringe. History is often explored through theatre, musicals and comedy, as well as talks and a bit of film and cabaret. Here are a […]

5 Theatre shows to see at Brighton Fringe

Here are Fringe Review editor Paul Levy’s five early theatre show recommendations for Brighton Fringe 2023… First off is Anna & Marina from award-winning Brighton based theatre company Brighton Theatre. with a reputation as a company brimming with experimentation but with a solid history as assured theatre makers, Anna & Marina has to be on […]

The bumpy road gets a bit longer

By Lori Hamilton One thing about me is that I am persistent. SO PERSISTENT (aka stubborn, hard-headed, etc.). Given a problem, I am 100% sure that I can find a solution.  When obstacles arise, I set about pulling out my fix-it tools and get to work. Ha ha! My confidence abounds! I like this about […]

First Crack off the Bat – Three Broken Ribs

Lori Hamilton continues her series of blogs about the mishaps and challenges of bringing a show to the Edinburgh Fringe. It was February 10, 2020. Having written a play about following my intuition, you would think that I would follow my intuition. But you would be wrong. On that particular morning, I decided to shave […]

Pete Wells and Rabiah Coon talk about comedy

It’s Sunday 6th of June, and I find myself sitting the Caroline of Brunswick. I’m here for a comedy show, and fall into conversation with Pete Wells and Rabiah Coon. It was an interesting and free ranging look at comedy from different perspectives. Rabiah is starting out, Pete is more experienced (and runs London’s Comedy […]

About nine months into Covid, a friend and I decided to remain hopeful by booking a trip to Yellowstone National Park. Little did I know that by the time we were there, I would also be rehearsing for the World Premiere of my show at the Brighton Fringe Festival. That’s right!  I started live streaming […]

Actor and writer Christopher Tajah from Resistance Theatre Company talks to Jo Tomalin about his career so far, and writing and performing his latest solo play at the Brighton Fringe 2021, 14 – 27 June 21 & The Space Theatre, East London 17 & 18 August 21. “‘Under Heaven’s Eyes’ is a new 60-minute solo performance exploring the […]

My Bumpy Road to The Fringe

Hi. I’m Lori Hamilton, writer and actor currently living in New York City. Between now and August, I’m planning to do a regular blog about the challenges of bringing a show to the Edinburgh Fringe (I’m also doing online performances for the Brighton Fringe) from the USA in 2021. You’ll hear about recording during Covid, how my cats […]

Between Two Waves (We’re back)

By Luke Ofield for Unmasked Theatre ‘Daniel is a climatologist and he knows bad weather is on its way. Fiona knows the glass is half empty but is determined to make the absolute best of it. What neither of them knows is whether all they’ve built together can survive the coming storm and if you’ll […]

Top Comedy Picks for Brighton Fringe 2021

Finally, shows and festivals are coming back to life. I won’t bore you with all the welcome back stuff as that is someone else’s job. A couple of weeks ago, Paul asked me to do some recommendations, highlights and things to look forward to at this year’s Brighton Fringe. So, in no particular order, here […]

Brighton Fringe 2020

          1st – 31st October 2020 In a year in which we, the public, and fringe theatre were both locked down, how do things stand in October 2020? Brighton Fringe announced the postponement of the May Fringe and boldly set out a hope to be back in the Autumn. Well, here […]

So, Brighton Fringe 2019 comes to an end and I am not going to name drop or specifically hyperlink – partly because I can’t be arsed and mainly because this isn’t about this show or that show; it is about the Fringe beast as a whole. There has been some very reflective work – some […]

BREXIT – You cannot predict the future

As we’re about to stage our second performance here in Brighton I’m writing this final post from an undisclosed location of the city. The day seems to be blessed with a warm summer sun, people are out on the beach or sipping a drink in the many bars scattered along the seafront and I have […]

BREXIT – the 5 ingredients of Populism

We’re finally in Brighton. Today I’ve been walking about flyering a little bit while enjoying the city at the same time. Given that yesterday I woke up at 5 am and didn’t go to bed until 2 am of the following day I’m feeling a bit weak, to say the least. In any case, I’m […]

          Paul Levy talks to acrobat Adam McMahon about Railed. “From the creators of the smash hit ‘Elixir’ (winner of Best Circus and physical theatre award at Adelaide Fringe 2018). Welcome to ‘Railed’, a western-themed circus spectacular, combining the trademark physical talents, finely chiseled bodies and hilarious comic timing of the […]

          Paul Levy talks to Faynia Williams from Brighton Theatre about Mozzz! “A highly topical, 5* tour-de-force from Festival Best Production Award Winners, director/designer Faynia Williams and actor/playwright Richard Crane. “A one-day-old male mosquito looks forward to joining the mile-high club. He invites you to donate a sip of your blood […]

            Paul Levy talks to performer Beth Hodd about Coming Home With Me. “A night exploring the grimy underbelly of a girls’ night out. The perils of creepy dudes, lad culture, and general unwanted attention face almost every girl when partying, so why aren’t we talking about it?  Using verbatim […]

BREXIT – In England even God speaks English

When I wrote my last post I was killing time in the north of France. Today I’m in the opposite side of the country i.e. in Cannes waiting to enter inside a conference room at the Cannes Film Festival. One wonders what the effects of Brexit will be on cinema, apart from theatre. Who knows, maybe […]

                  What are we going to do about the Arts in Brighton and Hove? That was the question posed by FringeReview’s Paul Levy and Brighton Spiegeltent’s Adrian Bristow. (You can read Paul’s thoughts going into the event here).                   […]

BREXIT – That’s the French Parliament

So….I’m back at the keyboard after a few intense days. Today I’m in France warming up for yet another show which I took to Brighton Fringe in 2016. Indeed these past 3 weeks I’ve been in France quite a lot touching different cities and regions: Tours, Besançon and the small town of Longwy, where I […]

As people descend at 6pm on the Brighton Spiegltent as we approach the midpoint of Brighton Fringe 2019 for a gathering exploring the question “what is to be done about the Arts in Brighton and Hove?” I wonder why we keep asking this question year after year after year. It could be that there is […]

Paul Levy talks to Sam Chittenden from Different Theatre about Sary and Clean. “Different Theatre create intimate work with a strong theatricality. Past shows include ‘Metamorphosis’, ‘Sary’, and ‘So You Say’”. In this interview, Sam talks about where her ideas and creative impulses come from and how she makes her theatre. Sary       […]

    Paul Levy talks to Adam Potrykus about The Nordic Season at Brighton Fringe 2019 at The Old Market “Fancy some Daddy Issues from Sweden? Intergalactic adventures from Norway? Your most secret desires from Finland? Virtual reality theatre from Iceland? A performance lecture from Denmark? Or maybe some Scandinavian burlesque, dance, folk song, site specific […]

              Paul Levy talks to Lucy Pickering about Cellophane Flowers – The Beatles Revisited which returns to Brighton Fringe after sellout shows in 2018. “After a sell-out show last year, Cellophane Flowers are back. Alex Eberhard, Lucy Pickering and Rachel Myer will take you on a fabulous journey through […]

          Paul Levy talks to Naomi Paul about Despite Everything, Price (Still) Includes Biscuits. Naomi brings her acclaimed show to the Brighton Fringe after success in Edinburgh and around the UK. “Naomi Paul returns to Brighton Fringe with her satirical 4-star solo show. Enjoy original songs, topical stories and Jewish humour. […]

          Paul Levy talks to roleplay game fan and show maker David McIver about Teleport. “Come! Escape into the Kingdoms of Ashgorn, where you can level up, complete quests, defeat monsters and watch a very cheeky young man doing some really stupid character comedy. That’s right my friends, it’s another big […]

  Paul Levy talks to Luke Olfield from locally based Unmasked Theatre. Unmasked Theatre bring two shows to this year’s Brighton Fringe. Further Education is their own creation,  a winner from the highly successful Brighton Scratch Night at Rialto Thatre. “1985: Frank the miner likes doing his job and reading the Sun. Unfortunately, Maggie is after […]

          One Beautiful, Enormous, Historical Flat Pack? Paul Levy talks to Izzy Tyndall Bristow and Sam Rush about Brighton Spiegeltent at Brighton Fringe 2019. This perennial Brighton Fringe hub goes up quicker than you might think. This year it is as packed as ever with Fringe varety. Paul Levy caught up […]

BREXIT at Brighton Fringe – Darth Vader for PM

So here I am on a Wednesday afternoon turning into evening in less than an hour staring blankly at my computer screen. What on earth shall I write about? I ask myself. I mean, let’s face it, in theory I should write about our new show coming to Brighton Fringe at the end of the […]

Brighton’s Burger Brothers – a Review

Most stories of people’s favourite burgers are probably quite unlikely to feature Brighton. More likely are tales of that legendary burger devoured and forever imprinted in memory from various states in America. I, too, had it not been for a visit to Burger Brothers, would be in this category. I have many a fond memory […]

Step lightly, step carefully and watch what you pack

Most of the large Fringe venues are close to each other, within 10-15 minutes walking distance. The Brighton Spiegeltent, The Warren, Sweet Venues, Junkyard Dogs, Komedia and The Rialto can all be easily strolled to. Do take care you don’t get run over, by a car or a bike. Also sort your tickets in advance […]

            Paul Levy talks to co-author and director Amy Whitington from Gauntlet Theatre about devised theatre piece My Life Closed Twice which she co-wrote with writer and performer Joseph Hand. “After being diagnosed with schizophrenia aged 20, Joe’s life becomes a cacophony of visions, voices and questionable media stereotypes. From the […]

Dance and Physical Theatre at Brighton Fringe 2019

  Dance and Physical theatre is one of those categories that doesn’t really work. As a result a lot of physical theatre gets listed in other categories such as comedy or theatre. Here are a few of our recommendations to help you find your way through the mire. What would you like to see? I […]

Our Recommendations for Day One at Brighton Fringe 2019

Brighton Fringe 2019 swings officially into action today and, unsurprisingly, there is far too much to choose from. Here are a few of our recommendations to help guide you through the vast amount of choice. That said, our recommendations are just a small part of plenty of other shows well worth seeing. So, what do […]

The Other Venues: Our Guide to the Real Fringe at Brighton Fringe

There are many smaller venues at Brighton Fringe each year. You may not find bars, or a burger for a tenner. But you will find site-specific shows, shows and events in cafes, in houses and even deep underground. Here are some of our recommendations… I want to see…   Coming soon for 2020.   We’ll […]

Paul Levy talks to Guy Lloyd about his new solo comedy show, Guy Lloyd: Radio Blah Blah which premieres at Brighton Fringe 2019. Combining stand-up, storytelling, film, character acting and plenty of truthful reflection, Guy Lloyd talks about how he made this very personal fringe show. I saw a preview of this at the Marwood […]

It’s rehearsal week!

FINALLY! I get to work on my show! It’s rehearsal week, first three days at my house, then off to St Gabriel’s Pimlico for two workshop performances. It’s all about getting Honey’s Happening in tip-top condition for Brighton Fringe and beyond, working with a new Director, Oliver Senton, and a new co-star Rhiannon Vivian. What […]

Sketch Comedy at Brighton Fringe

  There’s a lot of sketch comedy at this year’s Fringe. Here’s our guide… I want to see… a sketch show full of heart, songs and massive, massive shoulder pads. Then see Northern Power Blouse … very late night sketch comedy, fast-paced sketches and a banging playlist. Then see Hot Mess: Dirty Stop Outs … an […]

Improvised Theatre at Brighton Fringe

   If you are thinking “Whose Line is it Anyway”, the Channel 4 improv TV comedy game show that is still improv-ing on to this day, then you are usually well served at Fringe Festivals. From the usual audience suggestion format for a range of scenes, stories, songs and so on performed unscripted before you […]

In no particular order, here are five comedy shows that should be highlights of the Brighton Fringe comedy programme. All Things Brighton Beautiful The Warren: The Nest, 6-7, 31 May, 1-2 June 19:40, 22 May 21:10, £10 or Under 26s £8.50. After picking up a gong at last year’s Brighton Fringe Awards for her homage […]

Comedy at Brighton Fringe 2019 – Back For Good

De ja vu or firm favourites returning to Brighton Fringe 2019? Victoria Nangle picks out a few tried and tested comedy successes, shows that already have a following and have audiences coming back for more each time. Shit-Faced Shakespeare/Shit-Faced Showtime The Warren: The Hat, Shakespeare: 6-22 May, Showtime: 23-30 May, 21:45, various prices For years […]

The Week or So Before

This one one of my favourite Brighton cafes. Can you guess where it is.Here in the week or so before Brighton Fringe, I am at a preview show. Preview week, or Week Zero as it is known at the humungous Edinburgh Fringe is normal fare. In Brighton preview shows are a lot rarer. What are […]

Comedy – Work-in-Progress shows Every year the Brighton Fringe benefits from its position several months shy of the biggest arts showcase in the world ­– the Edinburgh Fringe’s August – and stocks up on works in progress from the great and the good of comedy. This is a chance to see the half-formed shows, a […]

Brighton Venue Focus: The Old Market

11a Upper Market Street, Hove, BN3 1AS (map) Box Office: 01273 201 801 The Old Market is a leading arts venue in the city of Brighton and Hove. Their rich programme covers all genres and the quality is consistently high with plenty of original and ground-breaking work on offer. This year it looks more innovative […]

Brighton Fringe Venue Focus: The Old Courtroom

The Old Courtroom is a uniqe venue at the Fringe. With home made cakes and cookies on offer, alongside a programme that includes film, theatre and music, it is well worth a visit. “Caan, Dev, Luke & Tony welcome you to the Old Courtroom” Essential Links Visit the Old Courtroom web site Find out what’s […]

Brighton Venue Focus: Komedia

            In recent years Komedia has been one of Brighton’s foremost comedy, cabaret and music venues. There’s a smattering of theatre in their studio space from time to time. In May, the programme blends regular nights with Fringe-specific offerings. What you get at Komedia is quality, variety and plenty of […]

Free Fringe at Brighton Fringe

Laughing Horse comedy, pioneers and stalwarts of free fringe are back with a packed schedule in 2019. You only pay on the way out. So it goes… This is affordable, free-spirited, fresh fringe. Essential Links Visit the Laughing Horse Brighton web site and browse the shows Find a venue See what’s on at the Caroline […]

Brighton Fringe Venue Focus: The Warren

Otherplace run The Warren each year at Brighton Fringe, offering a vast amount of theatre, comedy, music and much more. Essential Links Fine out more about Otherplace here Browse this year’s programme Check out the venues Join them on Facebook Follow them on Twitter View them on Instagram I want to see… at The Warren […]

Brighton Venue Focus: the Marlborough Theatre

4 Princes Street, Brighton, East Sussex, BN2 1RD (map) 01273 273870 Essential Links Visit the Marlborough Theatre web site Find out what’s on Find out more about the venue Get directions to the venue The Marlborough Theatre been part of Brighton’s performing history since c.1791. Built 18 years before the Theatre Royal, it is the […]

Venue Focus: The Latest Music Bar

        Though not strictly a theatre venue, the Latest Music Bar does play host to occasional theatre, regular comedy and cabaret. There are four shows on offer this Fringe but look out for last minute additions as well. Essential Links Visit the Latest Music Bar’s web site Join them on Facebook Here […]

Brighton Fringe Venue Focus: Brighton Spiegeltent

Old Steine Pleasure Gardens Brighton BN1 1GY “Discover cabaret, comedy, circus, theatre, dance, spoken word, music and Family programmes that are out of this world!” Brighton Spiegeltent takes up the challenge to fill the Old Steine with cabaret, comedy, circus and music delight. But there’s much, much more with shows for children. live literature and film on […]

Venue Focus: The Rialto Theatre Brighton

        1 Dyke Road, Brighton BN1 3FE Box Office: 01273 725230 The Rialto has firmly established itself as a theatre venue in Brighton, with a diverse programme year-round, and a packed programme of comedy, cabaret, literature and theatre in May. Locally produced work, touring shows and plenty of new writing abound this Fringe. […]

            Here is Tom’s first guest blog post for FringeReview Tom, founder of Tom Corradini Teatro,  brings Brexit to Brighton Fringe. One country, one family. United in blood, divided in spirit. June 2016. A few days before the Brexit referendum. A father and son debate their stance on the vote. […]

Creative Highs and Campervans

It’s a bit of a cliché that performers live just for those few moments on stage. There are many highs, which admittedly include a massive laugh followed by thunderous applause but much as we love and need our audiences, it’s not always about you. A great rehearsal is a thousand times more fun than a […]

An Introduction to Unmasked Theatre

Here at Unmasked Theatre we’re preparing two productions for this year’s Brighton Fringe. It’s all pretty manic, with carpets covered in flyers, scripts piled precariously on most of our furniture and a growing collection of bizarre props accumulating in airing cupboards. The two shows we’ve chosen this year could scarcely be more different and we […]

Brighton Fringe Venue Focus: Sweet Venues in Brighton

        Sweet Venues, a stalwart venue at the Edinburgh Fringe hosts venues in Brighton as well with new spaces and plenty of theatre, cabaret, comedy and music. And the good news is that Sweet isn’t only in Brighton for the Fringe. Some of its venues here are now year-round Sweet venues. Sweet! […]