A week into my fourth Edinburgh Fringe and I am marvelling at how differently I am approaching things this time around. I am doing a full run of 24 shows (in 25 days) of my new stand-up comedy show Shattered. I’ve done a full run before (of my debut show) at the Edinburgh Fringe in […]

Brighton Fringe is back and with it, lots of great comedy. Here are my top tips for some of the best comedy around. Just to make it easier, I’ve included links to each of the shows. First up Shaggers, hosted by Nik Coppin. I was lucky enough to review this show last year, and I […]

Anti-semitism – Still a Stain…

I write a column or many for an American website. One of the articles I used to write included a man we got to call the Mango Mussolini. Donald J Trump, for it was he gave people a new reason to be stupid. He emboldened huge numbers of people who were challenged by Velcro. I […]

Keep em keeping on…

I wear a mask. I always have. I possibly always will do. I also have had COVID. Most of those closest to me have also had the positive test from the throat and back of the nose jobby. It was unpleasant and it was uncomfortable, but it was a reminder of how easily we can […]

Alyssa Mitchel, Dancer/Choreographer/Artistic Director/Teacher based in San Francisco talks with Jo Tomalin about how she chose to be a choreographer and her influences, after training in tap, jazz, ballet and rhythmic gymnastics. She presents a new show Here. Now. outdoors at the Exploratorium, San Francisco in November, 2021. Listen to our interview with Alyssa Mitchel […]

Scottish Pakistani actor, writer and stand-up comedian talks about how she started writing and performing with Jo Tomalin. Lubna presents Tickbox – her latest theatre/comedy/storytelling show at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2021. “Tickbox is a semi-autobiographical, one-woman play, in Scots-English and Urdu. Describing a Pakistani woman’s journey from a middle-class life in Pakistan to Govan in […]

Writer, performer mandla rae talks to Jo Tomalin about their work, how they started writing and performing and their show: mandla rae -as british as a watermelon. “‘My name is mandla. It means power. I gave it to myself’ – mandla rae has a selective memory and they are scrambling to piece together their life. […]

Pete Wells and Rabiah Coon talk about comedy

It’s Sunday 6th of June, and I find myself sitting the Caroline of Brunswick. I’m here for a comedy show, and fall into conversation with Pete Wells and Rabiah Coon. It was an interesting and free ranging look at comedy from different perspectives. Rabiah is starting out, Pete is more experienced (and runs London’s Comedy […]

By Lori Hamilton At last it’s confirmed – the 2021 Edinburgh Fringe is happening! I’m SO EXCITED. And I’m so grateful. The importance of the Edinburgh Fringe: When I was in college at UCLA, one of my favorite classes was Modern British Drama, where we learned about the incredible impact of the Fringe on the quality and […]

Joe Angella talks to Rabiah Coon about her first show at Brighton Fringe

In a rather noisy pub, I talk to Rabiah Coon about bringing her first show to Brighton Fringe. For any new comic, it is a thrilling experience to get on stage at your first fringe festival and hope that the audience like it. Here, Rabiah gives us a brief insight into why you’d do that! […]

The Coily Dart Theatre Company produces parodies of Gilbert and Sullivan themes and comedy musicals. Director, Sue Ellerby, who is also author of the company’s scripts speaks to Jo Tomalin about the Gilbert and Sullivan genre, Coily Dart’s focus in the latest production on the lesser known Helen Carte, the parody comedy style of Coily […]

Bunker Teatro from Spain presents their show Land If You Can! at the Brighton Fringe 2021. This is an interactive role-playing play where the audience not only experiences the mystery story first hand, but also the improvisational style. Jo Tomalin speaks to the cast Auba Ramos and Juan Sanchez, and Gracia Rios (book, director and producer […]

Actor and writer Christopher Tajah from Resistance Theatre Company talks to Jo Tomalin about his career so far, and writing and performing his latest solo play at the Brighton Fringe 2021, 14 – 27 June 21 & The Space Theatre, East London 17 & 18 August 21. “‘Under Heaven’s Eyes’ is a new 60-minute solo performance exploring the […]

It’s almost time to see the show!

Can you feel it? Can you taste it? Are your senses tingling? Do you feel alive again? Are you regretting last nights curry? Scrap that last one. It’s happening; the Government hasn’t pulled the plug and, the Fringe is going ahead. Brighton Fringe has announced over 25,000 tickets sold so far. Social Media has been […]

Between Two Waves (We’re back)

By Luke Ofield for Unmasked Theatre ‘Daniel is a climatologist and he knows bad weather is on its way. Fiona knows the glass is half empty but is determined to make the absolute best of it. What neither of them knows is whether all they’ve built together can survive the coming storm and if you’ll […]

As you know, one of the pleasures of contributing to Fringe Review is that I get to review Amused Moose shows, acts and judge on their comedy awards. Personally, getting to see loads of cracking stand up comedy isn’t much of a hardship.  Like everyone else, the last year has been quiet on the Amused […]

Apart from shooting crazy videos in front of romanesque churches in this period I’m also interviewing various people from the physical theatre world. It’s a new project which I’ve called FISICO Lounge. Here’s the latest one with James Donlon. I kept it short and sweet: one and half hour long…. however James had a lot […]

Top Comedy Picks for Brighton Fringe 2021

Finally, shows and festivals are coming back to life. I won’t bore you with all the welcome back stuff as that is someone else’s job. A couple of weeks ago, Paul asked me to do some recommendations, highlights and things to look forward to at this year’s Brighton Fringe. So, in no particular order, here […]

FISICO 2021 – Against all odds

Tomorrow marks a big day here in Italy. The country is easing lockdown restrictions and in theory (underline that) theatres will open up again. Sounds good? Well, a bit too good to be true given the fact we have half a million covid positive active cases (make that one million). Let’s see what happens. In […]

Unique Derique (aka Lance McGee) is a performer from the San Francisco Bay Area. As a professional clown Derique has performed his unique physical comedy show to audiences of all ages in the US and internationally. He is also a Trauma-Informed Wellness Consultant, Drama Therapist, and Mindfulness Coach providing support to Oakland, CA middle-school educators, administrators, […]

On the occasion of Hanane Hajj Ali receiving The League of Professional Theatre Women’s (LPTW) Gilder/Coigney International Theatre Award 2020, in February 2021, we are bringing back into focus our audio interview with Hajj Ali: Hanane Hajj Ali, writer and performer of Jogging: Theatre in Progress, talks with Fringe Review’s Jo Tomalin about the development […]

Faithless, Faith

Over the last week or so the tribunal has judged actress Seyi Omooba’s case against venue and her former agents. She lost. I could have guessed what the outcome would be. Predicting the result was as obvious as case was fascinating. There are emerging themes which I think are quite unnerving. Firstly, Omooba admitted that, […]

Stream man

Gosh. I’ve just realized I have been a lazy boy not posting here for a while. Or maybe it’s just the opposite. Been incredibly busy on multiple fronts. Among the many our next edition of FISICO (Alba International Physical Theatre Festival) which should take place at the end of May 2021. Given the fact we have […]

The place may go, but the feeling remains…

The other day I went past the Citizen’s Theatre in Glasgow. It is my favourite place of theatrical magic. Since being a very young lad, I was transfixed by the venue, at one point buying my son a birthday present of the same seat for a season of productions at a venue where I saw […]

  Anne Rabbitt planned to perform her one person show at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe last summer. But when the pandemic made this impossible she quickly adapted and reinvented her work to a new short film format. Jo Tomalin talks with Anne about her creative process and new work: I Know the Truth. Listen to […]

Online theatre is like sex over the phone

Tonight I literally stayed in front of my computer all day. Given that it’s been a splendid sunny day outside I’m not too sure if I have wasted my time altogether. Indeed, I probably live in one of the best places in the world, imagine something like the Napa valley but much warmer and with […]

So much to do… so little time

November… As it was to be expected we’re now entering the real storm (something that was easy to predict as I had written in one of my posts). However, despite the stream of bad news we are receiving daily I’m more than optimistic about the future. Yes, we will have to do double Cape Horn […]

We can’t can we? Or should we?

When the world shifts from should we to we can’t, it becomes a dangerous place. There has been a lot of noise around should we. Should we follow up the applause with proper pay for NHS staff? Should we put money into furlough schemes for workers? Should we save all the artists as well as […]

  Manual Cinema performs Frankenstein as part of Cal Performances at Home, streaming premiere Thursday, October 29 at 7pm PDT; Performance will be available on demand until January 27th, 2021. Pictured left: Sarah Fornace (credit: Drew Dir). Pictured right: Creature and Victor. Sarah Fornace is one of the five Co Artistic-Directors of Chicago’s Manual Cinema and […]

Live Theatre, surely not?

Last Friday, at The Grove Theatre in Eastbourne, we did our first live show in months. To an audience of 40, plus staff and crew, Tim Marriott performed Shellshock. Short notes, Tim was brilliant, the audience loved it and venue were delighted. Hooray, joy all round. Apparently, there are still people who want to see […]

It is what it is

I haven’t been blogging lately as about three weeks ago I suffered a tragic loss. My mother suddenly died (we were very close) and I was in a foggy state of mind up unable to focus on anything in particular. Fortunately enough she didn’t suffer too much and did not die of covid. I’m saying […]

Mini-Reviews of Online Fringe

Over August I have been watching online content. Not all of these shows are long enough to warrant the full Fringe Review experience but are good, and interesting enough to be talked about. Whilst the review criteria are the same, the brevity is a whole new experience. Anyhow, here are my thoughts on these shows. […]

Theatre Returns? A Tribute?

I once wrote a tribute to tribute bands. It was not my best work. It was in many ways simply a tribute, but the tribute fell away When I started to look at how they were copies and how they weren’t the same, I decided I wouldn’t call them out, And I wouldn’t mention them […]

A busted August

Like most of us, this is not the August I imagined. I won’t bore you with the same tale, you have heard told again and again. Suffice to say, the image on the left tells its own story. What I would like to talk about is new work, the emergence of a new medium, and […]

One in, one out?

By Fringe Review, Scottish Editor, Donald C Stewart Right now I would normally be working through my big book of Fringe possible and whittling down to the top 10 Scottish and the top 10 Youth theatre shows for Paul to put up on our website but I am not this year. The Fringe is, however, […]

The quiet before the storm

It’s been a hectic 2 weeks and I must say that between the unbearable heat and the tons of things I’m doing at the moment I’m on the verge of a breakdown. Now, that happened before and it’s not a tragedy. It’s a good way to know what your limits are and how far you […]

Me, Beckett and Aye…

By Donald C Stewart I can’t stand the work of Samuel Beckett. There I said it. Make me an artistic pariah if you want but I don’t care. This week I may have had an epiphany because I suddenly got an insight into his work that hitherto I had never had. I have not seen […]

Man is a rope, tied between beast and overman – a rope over an abyss. A dangerous across, a dangerous on-the-way, a dangerous looking-back, a dangerous shuddering and stopping. Friedrich Nietzsche – Thus Spake Zarathustra   A short post… I haven’t written anything in two weeks and sooooo much has happened since them. Among the […]

Equality, Diversity, Artistry?

By Donald C Stewart The last season of Silent Witness was again heralded by the appearance of Liz Carr in a central role. Such a mainstream win for a disabled actor and activist was seen as evidence that the tide was turning; we were becoming more inclusive. She decided to pursue other challenges at the […]

Writer’s block and things that rock!

This coming Monday theatres and cinemas will be allowed to open in Italy. How many will actually open is another story. In any case, psychologically, it seems the pandemic is behind us as we are adapting to the new normal (I went twice to a restaurant this week). The virus lurks somewhere, hidden in the […]

Lockdown Black and Blues

“Hibernation will allow us to conserve the limited resource we have through the dark winter of Covid-19” artistic director David Greig Theatre is bruised by the whole experience of COVID-19, however twice as many people go to the theatre annually than attend football. Let that sink in for a second. The reality is, however, that we […]

Garlic Theatre Co artistic directors Iklooshar Malara and Mark Pitman travel around the UK performing several different shows that focus on puppetry and movement. They create every show – including a myriad of beautifully crafted puppets, imaginative stories, and original music. Jo Tomalin (in San Francisco) talks to Iklooshar and Mark (in Norfolk) about their […]

No fore PLAY without a CONDOM

On the 15th of June, in theory, theatres should be allowed to open in Italy. It’s a big leap of faith as June is not exactly the best month to open doors…. at least for indoor theatres. June is a month that marks the END of the theatre season for venues, not the beginning. The […]

The picture above comes from pixabay.com, just in case you wonder. The first two months of this earthquake (counting exactly from February 26th when I cancelled all of our shows) were such an emotional rollercoaster it stopped all creative energy. I had all the time of the world but I was blocked, clogged, unable to […]

As part of Brighton Fringe Online, we launched an audio version of Waiting For Hamlet. Lorks! what fun it was! Having never done anything like this before it’s surprising how much there was to learn. There are various posts on our website and social media, showing how we did it. In simple terms, the actors […]

Dear Cabinet Secretary…

Friday, May 8, 2020 Fiona Hyslop MSP Cabinet Secretary for Economy, Fair Work and Culture The Scottish Government St. Andrew’s House Regent Road Edinburgh EH1 3DG   Dear Cabinet Secretary, Firstly, let me apologise. I am no great thinker and no great philosopher. My reason for writing is, however, both personal and professional; such a […]

Wear Sunscreen

Don’t worry about the future Or worry, but know that worrying is as effective as trying to solve an algebra equation by chewing Bubble gum The real troubles in your life are apt to be things that never crossed your worried mind The kind that blindsides you at 4 p.m. On some idle Tuesday Everybody’s […]

To thine ownself be careful with your opinions?

By Scottish Editor, Donald C Stewart It was last year that I was compelled to write about the case of Seyi Omooba. Seyi was the actress sacked or let go, depending upon your point of view, as she had expressed feelings on homosexuality that many, I among them, found incompatible with playing the central role […]

Turning a living play into a listening experience

“Start a blog,” Paul says, “it will be fun,” he adds, before finishing with “don’t worry it won’t take long”. Whenever Paul ‘suggests’ you give something a go, there is always a point when you think to yourself, ‘why did I agree to this?’. Then you wander around for a bit, scratching your head and […]

Summer? Cancelled…

My summer is finished. It didn’t even begin but now it has come to a stuttering end. The Fringe is aff. Not just a wee bit aff, not just a little delay, not even just a postponement whilst we think of something a little more creative. It’s done, dead, no longer and ceased for 2020. […]

I have seen corpses thrown down in front of the temple doors, in front of the altars, to make their deaths even more of a reproach. Some cut off their breath with a noose, and banished, by death, their fear of death, summoning their approaching fate from the beyond. Ovid – Metamorphoses, book VII – Aeacus […]

  The morning….as soon as I wake up. The best time of the day I guess for a lot of people to harness their creative energy. That’s when the the unconscious and conscious are still united for a spell of time before that tiny spider web is swept away by the noise of our mind […]

‘The situation in Great Britain is serious but not hopeless.’ Winston Churchill speaking to Eamon De Valera, 1953 Over twenty days in self-isolation… In my last post I commented how the world as we know it has ended. In a future post I will dwell on my long-term vision regarding the immense geopolitical and economic […]

The end of the world (as we know it)

Today marks my first two weeks in self-isolation. A long time ago I decided I was going to be happy no matter what the circumstances were. It’s a promise I made to myself after having spent years worrying to reach some goal that somehow would have changed the way I feel about life in general. It […]

Theatre and epidemics – A lonely business

And the great licentiousness, which also in other kinds was used in the city, began at first from this disease. For that which a man before would dissemble and not acknowledge to be done for voluptuousness, he durst now do freely, seeing before his eyes such quick revolution, of the rich dying and men worth […]

Stepping into the unknown

I recently met the writer, director and actress, Sam Chittenden, who kindly invited me to see her latest work, Unquiet Slumbers – The Haunting of Emily Brontë at Sweetwerks, Brighton. As a much younger man, I tried to read Brontë, and it’s fair to say I didn’t find it to my taste. Not enough guns, […]

I and my new best friend: Covid-19

Following my last post of the 22nd of February a lot of things changed in my life. Among the many I happened to make a new friend who will stay around me for quite a long time. His name is Covid and I bumped into him almost unexpectedly. Given that Covid is an acute narcissist […]

A series of unrelated events leading to an unexpected conclusion

Last August I reviewed Paul Currie’s Edinburgh Fringe show, Trufficle Musk. It was one of my festival highlights, a joyous trip through the absurd and ‘a brilliant hour of bonkers comedy that makes you happy’. As well as reviewing shows I was working as a producer on Mengele and Judas at Assembly. There was a […]

If you can’t find time – make time

It’s been a busy couple of weeks. This past 7th of February we had the last performance of the month and we then moved on to organize the first edition of an International Physical Theatre Festival in the city of Alba, Italy. I didn’t want to write about it as it was a real shot […]

Whatever Happened to Jaggy Nettles Interview

Scottish Editor, Donald C Stewart caught up with Alan and Carly to talk about their new play by a care experienced ensemble that will bring punk back centre stage in February in Glasgow!! “We’re a punk band. A politically motivated Marxist punk band that want tae bring doun the rich by any means necessary!” It’s […]

Peril at Perth…

“I would like to thank both Mark and Robert for their service and commitment during their time with us … and wish them every success in the future.” * No such announcement comes when there is a parting of the ways with Boards of artistic companies. Resignations and leaving for a mutually acceptable reason seem […]

Writing a story, fermenting wine

“How long does it take you to write a story?” That’s one of the questions people generally ask me. The truth is that the actual ‘writing’ is fairly fast. What really consumes time is the research on the topic I have to write about. As I originally wanted to be a scriptwriter for film (theatre […]

As many journeys mine started solo. It was the effort of a person trying to make order out of chaos on the stage. As I kept pushing and pushing, through successes and failures (a lot of them… more to that in another post) I eventually found a personal style and the types stories to which […]

Still on tour. Today we’re sleeping in a hamlet overlooking the city of Domodossola in Northern Italy (near the Swiss border). Given the majority of my time is consumed in a multitude of tasks that need my attention I’ve decided I’m going to write shorter posts compensating the lack of length with higher frequency. In […]

Oh Theatre of Scotland – Can You Hear Me???

The last season of Silent Witness on the BBC was again heralded by the appearance of Liz Carr in a central role. Such a mainstream win for a disabled actor and activist was seen as evidence that the tide was turning; we were becoming more inclusive. For years on the Archers on Radio 4 there […]

When you’re falling… Dive!

You’re falling from an incredible height. You scream, your arms jerking without control, your legs twitching and kicking in the desperate hope to find something that will halt the fall. How did you get here? It’s not fair. When You’re Falling Dive by Cheri Huber is one of the books I keep in my library and I […]

Taking a holiday from yourself

“One of the symptoms of approaching nervous breakdown is the belief that one’s work is terribly important and that to take a holiday would bring all kinds of disaster. If I were a medical man, I should prescribe a holiday to any patient who considered his work important.”  [Bertrand Russell, The Conquest of Happiness (New York: Liveright Books, […]

Hot stuff and cold meals

It’s 2 am as I’m writing this post. Given that I seem unable to get any sleep I’ve decided to duly fill out our journal with the latest from our tour with the show Brexit. During the last seven days we’ve been pretty much on the road. First, performing in the town of Piacenza (that’s […]

When you feel you can’t carry on – turn around and look behind you

I have to tell you the truth. I can’t take more of this s**t. Today I’m feeling literally exhausted to the point where I’d be happy to throw the towel and quit. Yes. Q-U-I-T. Although it has been a formidable two years with our show ‘Brexit’ I feel mentally overwhelmed. It’s not the acting that […]

How blue is your ocean?

You’re a shark. A hungry mean-looking shark. Like the one below. You are swimming alone in crystal clear blue waters. You’re the only shark there. There’s plenty of fish to feed on. Life is good, after all you’re the meanest killing machine ever devised by nature. You are relaxed, you are happy. When you get […]

In the mouth of the Lyon

We’ve just returned from Lyon where we performed our very first Brexit show of the season. October in Lyon feels more like springtime than fall. Sunshine, 24 degrees outside, such a delightful place to be. This time we have with us Fabrizia, who is starting up this month as an administrative trainee. She came along […]

Ironing clothes with El Cid on my mind – Self motivation is the key

Tomorrow we’re off to Lyon, France. For our first performance of BREXIT. The first performance is always a killer, at least for me it always has been. After almost 100 performances of the same show you tend to take things for granted after a long pause. You lose focus, you get lazy. It’s like cranking […]

The Glory and the Gory

So here we are…ready for a new theatre season with BREXIT and other shows that will follow. As a company we’re on for a tiring 9 months of non-stop touring and I thought it may be useful to fellow artists, or any other person interested in the crazy and delusional world of theatre, to keep […]

Out from the Shadows Comes…

The results are in, the shutter down and Edinburgh, the Festival city is getting ready for whatever extravaganza is happening next – Hogmanay anyone? And the hidden things that people don’t see have had their fanfare. What has been hidden? This year during the Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2019, 85 sensory packs were provided for autistic […]

Up The Junction!

It would be easy to over exaggerate and suggest that there is not a year goes by without yet another creative tragedy as this project, that venue or this company have folded due to THE CUTS. I have performed and directed in venues that are closed from the Civic Theatre in Ayr to the Ramshorn […]

Theatrical Clown: Jo Tomalin talks to Áine Donnelly, producer/author/performer from San Francisco about Theatre Infinite and developing her clown character and show Hi. (Jean-Luc Godard). “Inspired by Jean-Luc Godard, clown Rodeo Debbie conducts an aesthetic investigation, where symposium meets jam session, and the audience contributes vital material. Mr. Godard knows a lot, but you are […]

How and why do we set ourselves challenges.  Jo Tomalin talks to producer and performer Natacha Ruck about her work telling other people’s stories – and writing and telling her own story in a solo performance You’re good for nothing. I’ll milk the cow myself. “Natacha stepped into her French grandmother’s kitchen to pick up […]

What does it take to write and perform a solo show? Jo Tomalin talks to memoirist, published essayist, actor and and lecture agent Jamie Brickhouse about creating solo shows and his latest show: I Favor My Daddy. “Daddy Poo adored bikinis and martinis as much as his homosexual alcoholic son. Was he a sodomite lush too? […]

Jo Tomalin talks to Comedic Storyteller Colleen Hindsley from NYC about what is special to her about performing at different fringes, developing new material, and developing and performing That’s Not How it Happened. Listen to our interview with Colleen Hindsley Visit our audio interviews page Visit our main San Francisco Fringe page for reviews

There are many Fringe Festivals in North America and they are coordinated by different organizations. How can fringers find out about them? Jo Tomalin talks to Grant Knutson, a fringe consultant and Managing Director of Minion Productions, who helps independent artists find out about fringe festivals, how to fringe in North America and about the […]

Shakespeare’s plays are just as relevant today as they were when they were written hundreds of years ago, and adapting Hamlet from Hamlet’s own point of view is a fascinating project. Jo Tomalin talks to San Francisco based Laurel Scotland-Stewart about her academic background in philosophy and The Readiness Is All: A Solo Hamlet by William Shakespeare; adapted […]

How does a performer develop a one person show? Jo Tomalin talks to James Sundquist about his creative process, performance style and AEON. “AEON by James Sundquist is the last chapter of good-humored resilience and personal pain that has been explored in EXPEDITIOUS INTENT (2017) and MINGALABA (2018). Minimalist, Paired Down Monodrama. I’m excited to […]

Telling a personal story is often more difficult to tell than a fictional one. Jo Tomalin talks to Jonathan Euseppi, a comedian and storyteller from Chicago about wanting to create a one person show about his dad, how he couldn’t get started and how he developed Grief is Horny. Listen to our interview with Jonathan Euseppi […]

Bars and Craft Cocktails in San Francisco! Jo Tomalin talks to Brian Waksmunski from Oakland, CA about crafting his experience in this industry and his inspiration for creating and performing his first solo show A Decent Negroni. “Abandoned by another waitress, our bartender takes inventory of his stock.” Listen to our interview with Brian Waksmunski Visit our audio […]

A survivor is always healing. Jo Tomalin talks to Nicia De’Lovely from Oakland, California about her healing process, the community workshops she conducts, theatre as a therapeutic tool and Get Uncomfortable. “Get Uncomfortable is a provocative performance addressing taboo subjects that have been normalized by traumatized silence within our marginalized communities. This one woman recital is […]

Jo Tomalin talks to pioneer lesbian playwright and actress Terry Baum about her work and Hick: A Love Story, Based on Eleanor Roosevelt’s Letters to Letters to Lorena Hickok, written by Terry Baum who also plays Lorena Hickok – Hick. “When Eleanor Roosevelt became First Lady in 1933, she had a lesbian lover — Lorena […]

  The Intrepid Theatre Company in San Diego produces plays for all audiences. Jo Tomalin talks to Sean Yael-Cox, the company’s founding artistic director about the importance of outreach in the community, producing plays that have a message and The Thousandth Night by Carol Wolf, performed by Sean Yael-Cox. “One Actor, 38 roles. It’s Paris, 1943. […]

Many Different Paths

Well, I am back in Sussex and so writing my final EdFringe19 blog post with the benefit of some sleep and a little hindsight. It was a blast and heart-warming.  It was also exhausting, and sometimes disheartening. We had wonderful reactions to our two shows Sary and Metamorphosis; some lovely audience feedback and a handful […]